Your guide to Kerala's top resorts and activities nearby

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One of the South Western coast of India includes the state of Kerala and it is bordered and protected by Karnataka. Kerala is one of the most beautiful and pretty states that you will ever visit and it is very famous for its rivers, its boathouses, its Palm trees and the lovely scenic beauty of the place. The people here enjoy life and the place promises you a lovely and beautiful and memorable trip. Kerala is one of those places which give you a wonderful and peaceful amount of time with yourself and your family. One of the places which is very rich in culture, tradition and sightseeing places. Kerala can be or should be in your must-go destinations and there are a lot of activities which can be involved while you are here in Kerala. Kerala provides you with lots and lots of fun and lots and lots of places and hidden beauties which are ready to be explored by you and your family. the language spoken here in Kerala is Malayalam and the people deciding here are filled with culture and tradition.


While you are on a trip or on a holiday, the most difficult thing on the trip is the place where you are going to stay. You will definitely require a place which will provide you with comfort and even the best facilities, therefore when it comes to that you should always fall back to Club Mahindra. The best resort in Kerala is the Club Mahindra Ashtamudi resort, you can even look for Club Mahindra Resorts in Kerala which will give you a lot of Idea and information about the places. You can decide while you are visiting Kerala. Ashtamudi Resort in Kerala provides you with the best amenities you require which include fully air-conditioned rooms, TV unit and your own kitchen. Club Mahindra has very friendly staff and very helpful staff members to if you require any kind information you can always ask them for help and question them as they will be always ready to help you with the answers.

So while you are here in Kerala, apart from only thinking of booking a resort you can even go for sightseeing which should include Kodanand which is a very famous place in Kerala. You should definitely visit or definitely think of staying in a houseboat which is the most famous thing or activity in Kerala. You can even visit Munnar which is a lovely place among the hills and you will have a peaceful stay here or you can even watch The Snake boat race which is very famous in Kerala and held during July to September. Kerala is famous for its boathouses but even famous for its treehouses, so while you are visiting Kerala you should even have an experience or you should definitely go and stay at a treehouse and enjoy a very peaceful and new experience and if you are visiting Kerala during July or September make sure to watch The Snake boat race which is the most famous thing in Kerala and the most enthusiastic part of Kerala.

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