The 5 Ways To Plan A Picnic For A Group

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Going for a picnic with friends and family is always a cause for great cheer. It is an enriching experience to spend a day or two in the company of those you love spending time with. You can explore a new place together, bond and reconnect, sit around a campfire swapping funny stories, and so on. Ultimately, it’s about going out together to share a wonderful experience.


But going on a picnic is all about planning the excursion well. Getting the logistics right ensures that the picnic goes off without a hitch. Everything and everyone is accounted for, and you end up having a lot of fun with careful planning. Of course, somebody has to do the actual planning and carry out these plans so that everyone can enjoy – and it might be you, so here’s some help in planning:

#1 Take a head count.

The first thing to do is to find out how many people are coming. There will be a lot of enthusiastic joinees at first, then some might drop out. So take the head count at least two weeks before you set out, so you know just how many people are definitely joining the picnic. Knowing the number helps you judge what kind of mini bus you will need for the journey, how much food and beverages are needed, and so on.


#2 Pick a spot.

Once you have a general or definite head count, the entire group must arrive at a consensus about where to go. It might be a spot within the city, or it could be a tourist attraction located in the next State. Do arrive at the spot as quickly as you can, because if you are going out of the city, then you might need to plan an overnight stay. Again, an overnight stay entails staying at a hotel or resort, packing a change of clothes, etc.


#3 Rent a minibus.

The head count is in, and so is the choice of picnic spot. Now go ahead and rent a minibus for the picnic. Do not make the mistake of having each person drive up to the spot in their own vehicle (which might result in parking issues if there is not enough parking space to begin with) or their own timelines. Doing this is a recipe for delays – people will end up at different times, some might get stuck in traffic, others might veer off course, and so on. Instead, have a central pick up point and do a minibus rental to reach at your designated time. Give the group a last time to reach after which the bus will leave for the picnic. With the whole group together in the same mini bus, the ride becomes much more fun and everybody reaches the venue at the same time.


#4 Arrange for refreshments.

You can either choose to carry refreshments (let each person carry food and water) or if the picnic spot is close to a resort or hotel, you can have your meals there. But ensure about the food availability beforehand – you don’t want to come up short, especially if there are children in the group!


#5 Take first aid and other essentials.

Apart from your own refreshments and snacks to munch on in the bus, make sure there are other essentials packed for the trip. These include a first aid box, extra walking sticks, bottles of mineral water, etc. If you do the minibus rental with a leading bus hire firm, then the bus will come with its own first aid box and a driver trained to assist in case of an emergency.


Ensure that you have a mini bus hired for your return journey as well, if the same one that dropped you cannot stay till the duration of your picnic. Do the booking online and keep all receipts, getting a breakup of all the charges levied for the trip. Now go ahead and have fun with your friends, and a smashing picnic that will live on in legend for years to come!

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