The 5 Benefits Of Spending Time At The Abu Dhabi Corniche

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There is no getting around the fact that a fit mind can only exist in a fit body. If you are constantly riddled with disease and making trips to the hospital, you are certainly not going to be able to enjoy life by yourself or with your loved ones. But if you are healthy and free of illnesses, your longevity increases and you get a better quality of life with your family.


Here’s an idea for you to combine fun and getting healthier in both mind and body – head to the Abu Dhabi corniche as often as you can. Being near the sea is good for you, as these points demonstrate:

#1 The sound of the waves has a calming effect.

Research and many studies around the world credit the sea waves with a range of benefits. The sound of the sea is said to calm the most nervous disposition. The repeated sounds of the waves combined with the winds and how they feel on the skin, serve to lower anxiety and calm the nerves. If you are facing stress in your personal or professional life, you should certainly head out to the seaside for some mental respite. Those suffering from mental health issues or even children on the Autism spectrum should make it a point to head to the Abu Dhabi corniche as often as possible to feel relaxed and more in control.


#2 Watching the waves lapping the shore lowers stress and blood pressure.

The sight of the waves rising up and then breaking onto the shore to become one with the great expanse of water – this is a sight guaranteed to make you calmer. You will feel your high stress ebbing away just like the waves breaking on the shore. Research shows that watching the sea for at least 10 minutes at a time brings down the level of elevated blood pressure, and the flight response spurred on by high stress. When your blood pressure is lower, there is a corresponding drop in your insulin levels and the body’s digestive, respiratory and lymphatic systems can also function properly.


#3 Walking barefoot on the sand is good for the joints and your mood.

It is one of life’s simplest pleasures – walking barefoot on the sand, feeling the cool sand slipping slightly under your weight and enveloping your toes! But the sand does much more than that. It improves your coordination and balance, since you must focus a little bit more when walking on a shifting surface than on firm land. Also, the sand exerts a subtle pressure on your soles and arches, giving it a smooth massage. Sand is also a natural exfoliant, so walking on the sand for a long stretch often results in smoother soles.


#4 The sunshine is good for your body and emotional well-being.

One of the most underrated benefits of spending time on the Abu Dhabi corniche is that you get oodles of sunshine on your skin. Early morning and evening sunshine is the best – avoid the harsh glare during the morning and noon hours. Soft sunshine helps your body synthesise Vitamin D, and it also helps the system create more serotonin, the stress-relieving hormone. No wonder you feel great after strolling on the corniche in the early evening hours!


#5 Taking a boat ride with your loved ones increases feel-good hormones in your body.

Your body must produce feel-good hormones known as ‘endorphins’ so that your emotional and mental health are in good shape. Endorphins are rushed into the bloodstream in response to exercise, or something that pleases you or makes you happy. A similar thing happens when you spend time on the Abu Dhabi corniche. You may take a boat ride with your family, or simply walk or play with your children in the sand. At the end of it, you will feel rejuvenated and in a great mood – and it’s because you were at the seaside with the people you love. So why not do it more often?


We hope you are now inspired to make the right fitness choices for yourself and take up a suitable activity in Abu Dhabi.

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