Off-Beat Kodaikanal Tourist Places That You Will Marvel At!

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Amidst all these diversities is the beautiful city of Kodaikanal situated on the hilly terrain of the Dindigul district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Kodaikanal area got the name from the Tamils which actually mean “the gift of the forest.” It is also often referred to as the “Princess of the Hill Stations” as it is a very popular destination among the tourists. The hill station of Kodaikanal is associated with a perfect blend of nature and beauty which together form an exquisite mixture of scenic pleasure to the eyes. There are various off-beat Kodaikanal tourist places available, which will help you in forgetting the crowded busy life.


Kodai Lake

If you are expecting peace and solitude in Kodaikanal, then Kodai Lake is one of the amazing places to visit. The place has never entertained that much of a crowd. If you are the enthusiast of local flora and fauna, there are several stories relating to Bison sightings. The Kodai Lake which is a star shaped artificial lake occupying a land area of 60 acres. If you are looking for things to do in Kodaikanal, then this is recognized to be well-known for boat rides, horse rides, cycling and angling near the lake.


Dolphin’s Nose

This is also one of the famous Kodaikanal tourist places. This is located at a distance of 8 km from Kodaikanal Bus Station. Though the path of the place is a little rocky, but you will love to take photographs here. Orange juice vendors along the trail provide the welcome rest stop. Beautiful views of steep rocky escarpments rising from plains can be seen over there. The best time to visit Kodaikanal is in the summer, as you can discover so much more of this area.


The Green Valley View Point

When it comes to choose the best kodaikanal points of interest, then you cannot skip the name of green valley view point. It is also considered as the Suicide Point is one such place for sightseeing, which promises to deliver its visitors along with the enthralling view of the neighborhood surrounded by plains, deep valleys and hills. On the way to the point, there are several shops that provide homemade chocolates, ornaments and a wide range of flowers.


Bear Shola Falls

If you love watching falls, then, Bear Shola Falls is one of the excellent ones. This is situated in the close proximity to the Kodai Lake is another such heart-robbing scenery on the board. This has been stated that the bears used to drink water at top of this falls, and then this got the name. It is considered as one of the most popular falls in Kodaikanal as well.



If you are visiting Kodaikanal, then skipping Munnar would be a great mistake. The place has made a big place in people’s hearts. The picturesque view and enthralling sightseeing would make you fall in love with this place again and again. Eventually, this is also known as Swiss of South India because of its greenery and ambiance. Do not forget to take tea from there as the place is encircled with tea plants.


Not just the hills and the slopes but there is more to the area of Kodaikanal with the very prevalent and striking Club Mahindra Kodaikanal resorts which adds an extra added exquisite beauty to the hills of Kodaikanal. Some of their famous resorts are: Villa Retreat, Le Poshe etc.

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