Majestic Munnar- 5 tips to making the most of your holiday

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One of the most popular and famous holiday destinations in Kerala is Munnar. It has one of the most amazing hilltops, which will help in giving you a scenic beauty and if you are really fond of nature then this place is perfectly for you. It is filled with tea Gardens, waterfalls and even lovely adventures for you and your family. Munnar is the most famous tourist spot in South India and attracts people from all over the world. Munnar even has some amazing places which we should definitely not miss while you are here. The general problem while you are out on a trip is a place for you to stay but that won’t be a problem while you are here in Munnar because you can easily look for Munnar Resorts online and get a hold of the best hotels or resorts available.


- While you are here at a trip to Munnar, you should definitely walk amidst the tea estates or the tea gardens. It is a very famous and even beautiful activity for you to experience. So while you are here at Kerala this particular experience will provide you with lovely scenic beauty.

- You should definitely take the adventure expeditions. There are numerous trekking trails and even camping facilities available for each one of you. One of the most famous and attractive activities here in Munnar is this. There are many organisations who organise these activities and makes it convenient and easy for you. This will thrilling and amazing.


- While you are here in Munnar, the first and foremost thing that you shouldn’t miss is to stay at a treehouse. It is one of the most interesting and attractive parts of taking a tour to Munnar. The treehouse here in Munnar has a nickname, ‘Erumadam’. These are eco-friendly and is an amazing natural therapy. Though the treehouse is built completely with eco-friendly things, they have all the amenities that you will probably require. So, when you are here in Munnar, definitely take out time and stay at these treehouses.

- Now, a place cannot be complete without the beautiful animals they have with them. Hence, while you take a trip to Munnar, make sure to visit the wildlife sanctuary and watch the lovely and beautiful animals roaming around freely. Each and every place in Munnar will have something special for you but the wildlife sanctuary here will even provide you with a peaceful mind and help you explore the wildlife in a better way.


- Lastly, you should definitely make it a point to visit the Kundala lake. This lake is amazing and very beautiful. This lake is named amongst the first arch dam. You should make a visit to this place for random evening walks or just stroll near the clear, blue waters.

So, Munnar has everything for someone or the other. Hence, if you want, you can easily take a trip here. Have an amazing vacation on the mount serene munnar.

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