Mahabaleshawar Resorts- Top 5 places worth visiting

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If you are a nature lover who loves travelling or are someone who has a soft spot for firsts and hills stations, then we have the perfect place for you. Mahabaleshawar. Mahabaleshawar is a perfect blend of forests and hills and will truly satisfy the traveller in you. Situated to the south of Mumbai, Mahabaleshawar is a beautiful location in the midst of the forest clad hills of the Western Ghats. With several breath-taking views, amazing weather, beautiful British inspired architecture and lush green scenery, a stay at mahabaleshawar resorts is the perfect holiday plan.


You’ll be spoilt for choices regarding places to visit in Mahabaleshawar. So here are the top 5 places that you absolutely must visit, if you’re short on time or just want a quick sweep across Mahabaleshawar. The best places to visit in mahabaleshawar are:

1. Venna Lake – One of the most visited locations, venna lake is the greatest tourist attraction in Mahabaleshawar. Surrounded by lush green trees and foliage that is bound to leave you astounded, this lake is the perfect place to spend a lazy day. However, if you’re the active kind, then there are boating options on the lake as well. Also, the fact that the lake is open for tourists till late in the evening gives you the option to easily spend the day boating, while in the evening you can watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy a leisurely picnic. There are also options to fish for adults as well as mini toy train rides for the little ones.


2. Mapro garden – A massive hit amongst tourists, this beautiful garden is located pretty close to Mahabaleshawar. The major attraction of this garden is its abundant strawberry plantation. The beautiful view topped with a wide array of strawberry delights like jams, preserves, syrups, squashes etc. At your disposable makes this place an absolute favourite. The main attraction of mapro garden is the nine-day strawberry festival that they host every year in the month of May. One can eat as many strawberries as they want, buy a variety of strawberry products and enjoy to their heart’s content.

3. Pratapgad – A majestic throwback to the past. This glorious fort is rich in history and is the seat of some majestic views. Situated on a hilltop, this first has stood witness to one of the most significant Maratha wars – the pratapgad war. Although the fort is quite dilapidated at present, it still attracts a large number of tourists owing to its surrounding beauty. A stay at a Mahabaleshawar resorts


4. Lingamala waterfalls – A favourite amongst nature lover sand anyone with a knack for adventure. Lingamala falls lies beyond a walk through the wildernesses and a small hike through a rugged path and is absolutely worth every bit of effort. Surrounded all sides by astounding natural beauty, this place is perfect for those family picnics. A photographer’s dream, it’s best to visit lingamala falls before or after monsoons as the falls tend to take a dangerous turn during the rains.

5. Elephants head point – This place is a wonder of nature. As its name suggests, this place is famous for a section of a mountain that uncannily resembles an elephants head. A major tourist attraction, this place is filled with gorgeous views and makes it a perfect place to enjoy the scenic beauty or soak in the sun.


With an array of breath-taking locations, Mahabaleshawar should be on your list of places to visit this holiday season. Choose mahabaleshawar resorts and have all these locations at an arm’s reach.

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